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  • Makes 2 full quesadillas / 12 triangles

    4 ea Flour Tortillas
    1 C Adams Reserve Cheddar, shredded
    ¼ C Chives, chopped

    ½ C Prepared Salsa
    ¼ C Sour Cream (or Plain Greek Yogurt)
    ¼ C Peppers: chopped red, green or jalapeño

    Lightly coat quesadilla maker or skillet with cooking spray, lay down one tortilla and top with half of the Adams Reserve and chives. Top with other tortilla. Cook until lightly browned per the quesadilla maker instructions. If using a skillet, gently flip half way through cook time.

    Remove from heat and let cool for 2 minutes. Use a pizza cutter to slice into triangles. Serve with toppings.

    For a quick and easy 'dilla try making them in the microwave!